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What are armytags?

Armytags, dogtags, dog tag, dog tags, Id badges, Bling bling ect. They have many names! An Armytag is the identification tag that soldiers are wearing all over the world. Usually the tag will tell the name, social-security number, blood type and religion. The armytag is usually divided in 2 tags. If a soldier was so unlucky to die in action, his buddy's would take the one tag and give it to the sergeant. The other tag would stay on the body for later identification.

The tags is found in different shapes and sizes, all depending on what country you are in. Here on Armytags.co.uk we have specialized in making exactly the same armytags as the ones the American soldiers are using all over the world. We are buying from the same vendors and are using the same high tech, expensive machines as the American military. Besides that we have a huge selection in alternative armytags in different sizes and colors. Fx. Mini, Monster size or our Gold armytags. All our armytags are being embossed. That means that all the characters are raised like they are on a credit card. This is the original way to make armytags, which you will see if you get your hands on a former or still active soldiers armytags.

Many silver- or goldsmiths around the country also produces a kind of armytag in their homemade materials, but they often use the much cheaper and unoriginal method of engraving the text onto the tag. This is neither as visually good looking or as durable as an original armytag here from Armytags.co.uk is.

But i´m not a soldier, what can I use an armytag for? Armytags is incredible popular amongst civilians. People use them as jewelry, to equip their sport team, for commercial purposes, political campaigns, for emergency medical info, for their kids if they were to be lost, for their dogs etc. Eminem, Will Smith and many other popular artists is well known for wearing Armytags as jewelry.

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